Handcrafted leather earrings

Where It All Started


Lobe Pomps were born in 1994, and were initially created from plastic in the shape of a rectangular tag. The tags were injection molded using a variety of colored thermoplastics ranging from red, to yellow, to blue, to even glow in the dark. After injection molding, the tags were pad printed with text and logos. Finally, hooks were looped through them to facilitate their use as earrings. The new product was then sold on South Padre Island, with some being given to spring break revelers in exchange for their feedback on color preferences, uses and constructive criticism.

For a time, the Lobe Pomps project was shelved, but in 2017 we decided to revive it. After some debate, the decision was made to create Texas and boot shaped earrings, this time made from leather. Dyes, equipment and other supplies were ordered to begin the creation and assembly of the earrings. With an ample supply of leather that had been accumulated in the past, all of the necessary pieces were in place to begin production.